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On this page you will find tips for your yard from preparing for sod to watering tips. Feel free to browse though the clips and if you have any questions call us at LVS Lawn. Phone 308.754.4051 and ask for Mike
This clip is about growing grass seed and when to plant grass seed. It is NOT, however, talking about methods for growing grass seed... rather, giving you 3 universal truths that apply to any method of growing grass seed you use!
Learn how to prepare the soil for a new lawn. Laying turf is explained, and then the best ways to maintain the lawn grass till it is established. preparation
The key to irrigating your lawn is to remember the term Deeply and Infrequently. This segment shows an easy way to figure out how frequently to water by using an evapotranspiration table for your area supplied by the K-State Weather Data Library.
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